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  • England, UK


    Please go through below job description and let me know your interest,


Job title: Dentist

Location: United Kingdom

They will be self- employed. Both full-time and Part-time


We would, as a minimum, require our Dentists to have:

•GDC Registration

•Performer number


•2 x clinical references

•Hep B with Titre levels


Job Details:

Ensure that you stay up to date with latest clinical protocols relevant to your area of practice.

Examine and diagnose oral and dental disease as well as recognizing what constitutes a healthy mouth and counsel the patients on your findings

Ensure the communication with the patient is managed in a way that they can comprehend the clinical findings and options for management of any presenting issues

Appropriate use of diagnostic aids to help deliver an effective and accurate diagnosis and an understanding of when to refer onwards to a specialist or someone with the additional skills to diagnose the condition

Appropriate management of dental disease that fit within your scope of competence that will ensure the patients dental and oral health is maintained

Maintenance of accurate and comprehensive contemporaneous clinical records at all time

Ensure that all clinical records are stored in an appropriately secure manner • Knowledge and skills in relation to cross infection protocols and current practice.